T Boone Pickens Top 3 Stock Picks

T Boone Pickens Top 3 Stock Picks

Happened to notice the price of Oil and Gas lately?  OUCH!  With oil and gas prices trending lower for months on end, the common question we’ve been getting from mineral owners is about when the pain will end.  Unfortunately no one know!   With lower oil and gas prices there is definitely some concern in the industry about how long the prices will stay this low and what it means for mineral owners.

Even if the price of oil and gas is going down, that doesn’t mean your porfolio has to!  T. Boone Pickens, the famous Oil and Gas tycoon hailing from Oklahoma State University, has picked 3 new energy stocks that could be winner in the future.  T. Boone, who is the chairman of BP Capital Managements Portfolio, has his eye on 3 new companies and he’s been aggressively adding to his portfolio.

T. Boones Top 3 New Energy Stock Picks

Here are T. Boones new picks:

Western Refining (WNR)

WPX Energy (WPX)

Gastar Exploration (GST)

With these three new picks for his own portfolio, T. Boone has opened up the door for average investors to follow in his footsteps.  While you can never follow in the footsteps of large investors and hope to reap the same returns, what it does tell us that T. Boone fully supports the oil and gas industry coming back.   When prices are low, it’s easy to get scared and decide not to do anything.  While we can’t give you any investment advice and we aren’t making a recommendation to invest in the stocks above, it’s helpful to see what informed individuals are doing in the market.

If you are a mineral owners in the Marcellus Shale, it’s always good to see that large players are still interested in making an investment in the market.  No one knows when oil and gas prices will go back up, but at least we know that some see if moving up in the future.