Pennsylvania favors natural gas industry

Pennsylvania favors natural gas industry

There are a number of stories out there about the environmental impacts of Oil and Gas.  While the PA department of environmental protection works hard to ensure that oil and gas companies are being environmentally conscious, it’s also important to consider the citizens of the state.

Majority Support Oil and Gas Companies

While there are a number of concerns about he industry, in general Pennsylvania citizens support oil and gas with 64% holding a favorable view.  While this is by no means a land slide, having the majority of citizens favoring the oil and gas industry will help pave the way for further oil and gas development.   Oil and gas companies must pay special consideration to the citizens and their desire to benefit economically from oil and gas while also being environmentally responsible in the process.   When polled about whether the economic benefits outweigh the environmental concerns, only 40% say they do and 37% believe they do not.  This relatively even split shows that the oil and gas industry must do more to inform citizens of Pennsylvania about the environmental impacts of their work.

Environmental Concerns of Oil and Gas

More important than educating citizens about the environmental impacts, is ensuring that the work being does IS in fact environmentally sound.  Oil and gas companies spend a considerable amount of money to be in compliance with regulations, but are those regulations enough?  The industry should consider whether simply meeting regulatory compliance is the best policy to protect the environment or if more should be done.  Citizens are generally pro oil and gas activity due to the economic benefits it brings, but the long term environmental affects will have a great impact on the entire population in the state.

Impact on Mineral Owners

If you’re a mineral owner in Pennsylvania, it’s important to consider the environmental impact that oil and gas activity will have.  We advise mineral owners to fully understand what’s going on in their area and what precautions are being taken by oil and gas companies to ensure work is being done in a safe manner.  There are an overwhelming numbers of studies that showing fracking does not have a negative impact on the environment but there are other factors to consider as well.

If you’re considering leasing your mineral rights or selling royalties in Pennsylvania, we recommend fully understanding the environmental impact of these decisions.