Mineral Rights Value in Westmoreland County Pennsylvania

Mineral Rights Value in Westmoreland County Pennsylvania

It wasn’t long ago that we received a call asking about mineral rights value in Westmoreland County Pennsylvania.  Westmoreland county is one of the most active counties in the entire state of Pennsylvania!   This particular caller asked us a question we hear frequently at Marcellus Mineral Owners.   He was receiving royalties checks from production in Westmoreland County Pennsylvania and wanted to know two things:

1.  How much are royalties in Westmoreland County Pennsylvania worth?
2. How to go about selling royalties in Westmoreland County Pennsylvania

How to Value Royalties

Luckily, it’s relatively easy to value royalties.  The reason is that there is strong demand for oil and gas royalties for sale in Pennsylvania.   There are a large number of royalty buyers are interested in buying royalties at a fair price.   In most cases, these buyers are willing to pay anywhere from 4 years to 6 years times the average amount of the royalty checks received each month.    When we were asked about mineral rights value in Westmoreland County Pennsylvania, we knew it was a quick and easy answer.

You can easily estimate the value of royalties in Westmoreland by entering the average amount you receive in the calculator below:

Best way to Sell Royalties

This particular royalty owner also wanted to know the best way to sell royalties in Westmoreland County Pennsylvania.   Since we work with a large number of mineral owners, we have a good feel for all the available options a mineral owner has when they sell royalties.     We always recommend that people list the property at US Mineral Exchange.  Why?  The simple reason is that royalty owners get the best possible price by putting their property online and letting buyers compete.   This makes US Mineral Exchange a great option because it lets royalty owners create a single listing, then let all the royalty buyers in the industry come to them.

Non-Producing Mineral Rights

Do you own non-producing mineral rights?  If so, there’s still value there!   The mineral rights value in Westmoreland county Pennsylvania for non-producing mineral rights depends on where you are within the county.  You may get anywhere from $250/acre to $2,500+/acre just depending on your specific location.   With the oil and gas market still trying to find the real price of oil, there are still a lot of buyers in the market interested in picking up mineral rights.   Your mineral rights might actually be worth much more than $2,500/acre if you are in an area with a lot of production.   If you are surrounded by a lot of activity, that can be a great sign!

Questions about Mineral Rights Value in Westmoreland County Pennsylvania?

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