Mineral Rights Value in Warren County Pennsylvania

Mineral Rights Value in Warren County Pennsylvania

While the market is busy trying to figure out the true value of Oil, many mineral owners are stuck in the middle wondering what it all means.   As a mineral owner, it can be difficult to understand what’s going on for a number of reasons.  You may here lots of rumors in your area, news reports about the oil and gas industry, and then see the price of oil falling, and wonder where you fit into the mix.   If you are wondering about the mineral rights value in Warren County Pennsylvania, it can be a challenge to even figure out where to begin.

It wasn’t long ago the oil was above $100 a barrel, and how some are predicting we will never see $100 oil again!  While oil will certainly rise at some point in the future, it’s uncertain when the price of oil will increase.   Meanwhile, if you won mineral rights in Warren County Pennsylvania you’re curious to know how it affects the value of mineral rights and also your royalties.

Warren County Pennsylvania royalties value

If you’re receiving oil and gas royalties in Warren County Pennsylvania, you’ve probably seen your checks start to fall in value.  The reason is that your royalties are predominately determine by the amount of production and oil and gas prices.  When oil takes a tumble, so do you royalty checks.  With oil down in price so much in the last 6 months, this has a negative effect on the amount you receive.

If you’re considering selling royalties in Warren County Pennsylvania, you probably want to get the best possible price.  While you could sell royalties through a reputable company like US Mineral Exchange, you may also just be curious about how much they might sell for.

To get an estimate of of how much your royalties are worth, fill in the average amount you receive each month in the first box below.  For a more accurate estimate, we recommend using the average of the last 3 months.

Non-Producing Mineral Rights

If you own non-producing mineral rights (you don’t get royalty checks), your mineral rights are still valuable.   It’s a lot more difficult to determine mineral rights value in Warren County Pennsylvania when you don’t receive royalty income.  The best way to determine the value is to put them on the market at US Mineral Exchange (basically the MLS of mineral rights) and then see what all the buyers in the market are willing to pay.

If you had to put a number on it, your non-producing mineral rights could be worth anywhere from $250/acre to $2,500+/acre depending on where in Warren county they are located.   Even with that range, you could get more or less depending on a wide variety of factors that affect value.

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