Mineral Rights Value in Kanawha County West Virginia

Mineral Rights Value in Kanawha County West Virginia

While the market is struggling to find the real price of oil, mineral owners are starting to pay closer to attention to what’s going on in the industry.  After all, the changes happening in oil and gas affect mineral owners in a big way.  If you are currently receiving oil and gas royalties in Kanawha County, you may have noticed that your royalty checks are decreasing.   The mineral rights value in Kanawha County West Virginia is very closely tied to the price of oil.

With the price of oil dropping below $50/barrel, oil and gas operators are receiving less for the oil being produced.  This means that your royalties will decrease in value since the price is lower.   If you rely on your royalty checks, it can be difficult to deal with the up and down swings in your royalty checks.   If you’re wondering about mineral rights value in Kanawha County West Virginia, we can help!

How royalties are valued

The value of oil and gas royalties in Kanawha County West Virginia is really based on two things.  The price of oil and gas and the amount of production each month.   As either of these two levers is pulled, the price you receive in your royalty checks is going to same.  If production moves up substantially, you’ll get a larger royalty checks.  If production moves down a lot, you will get less.  It’s the exact same for oil.   If you keep an eye on the price of oil and the volumes on your royalty checks, you can quickly see where your royalty checks are headed!

How to estimate royalties value in Kanawha County

If you want to get a quick estimate of royalties value, it’s really simple!  Just enter the average amount you receive each month in the first box below.  To get the most accurate estimate possible, take the average of your last 3 check stubs.

As you can see, you could expect to get anywhere in the range of 4 years to 6 years times monthly check amounts.   There is a chance you could get a higher amount based on a number of factors.  The value of royalties is calculated based on a few different things so some people find they get substantially more than the calculator above suggests.

How to Sell Royalties in Kanawha County West Virginia

If you are considering selling royalties, you should be extremely cautious.  You’ll find a number of people out there who are claiming to be looking out for your best interests.  In fact, these individuals are really interested in purchasing your royalties for the least amount possible!   If you want to sell royalties for the highest possible price, you need to be working with a 3rd party who is going to work hard to get the highest amount.  Why?  When you work directly with buyers you never know if they are legitimate buyers, flippers, or people who low ball.

It’s for these reasons that we recommend listing with US Mineral Exchange if you want to sell royalties.  They help mineral owners get a fair price for their royalties.   They do this by getting your property in front of a huge network of royalty buyers.  Listing at US Mineral Exchange is like putting your home on the MLS.  It alerts all the royalty buyers that your property is up for sale and they start bidding each other up to pay you the highest price.

Questions about Mineral Rights Value in Kanawha County West Virginia

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