Mineral Rights Value in Clearfield County Pennsylvania

Mineral Rights Value in Clearfield County Pennsylvania

If you want to better understand mineral rights value in Clearfield County Pennsylvania, you’re in the right place!  At Marcellus Mineral Owners, our goal is to help people better understand mineral rights.  Whether you want to know about the value or the best way to sell mineral rights, we can help explain what you need to know.    If you’re on the people who owns mineral rights in Clearfield County Pennsylvania, you’re not alone.  There are over 4,000 active oil and gas wells in Clearfield County Pennsylvania.

As a mineral owner, it can be difficult to figure out the mineral rights value in Clearfield County Pennsylvania.  It seems like it should be easy right?  If you want to know the value of your home you check Zillow.  If you want to know the value of your stock you can check any number of financial websites and see what it’s trading for.   When you search for the value of mineral rights, you find absolutely nothing!  Why is that?

The main reason you can’t find anything about the price of mineral rights is because all transactions are kept private.  You won’t find a website that can give you an exact value simple because the information isn’t public knowledge.  In addition, the price of oil and gas mineral rights moves very quickly based on oil and gas pricing and how production in an area is turning out.

How to estimate mineral rights value

While we can’t give you an exact amount for mineral rights value in Clearfield County Pennsylvania, we can help you come up with an estimate of the value.   If you receive oil and gas royalties checks each month, you have producing mineral rights.   To quickly calculate how much you could get for selling royalties in Clearfield county Pennsylvania, enter the average amount you receive each month in the first box below:

If you own non-producing mineral rights (you don’t get royalty checks), estimating the value is a little more difficult.  You could expect the mineral rights value in Clearfield county Pennsylvania to be anywhere from $250/month to $2,500/month for non-producing minerals.  However, that value could change substantially depending on where you are located within the county!

Best way to Sell Mineral Rights

If you’re considering selling mineral rights, do not make the common mistake that most mineral owners make.  Most mineral owners get an offer in the mail or have a broker show up at their door offering to buy.  You’ll get an assurance you are getting a fair price for the property and they may even be a little pushy to get the sale done by putting a time clock on the offer.   It’s a huge mistake to only consider a single offer to sell mineral rights or sell royalties.

If you want to get maximum value for your property, you need to place your property in front of ALL the buyers in the market.   When you do this, it lets all the buyers in the market compete against one another.  What does that do?  It drives up the price which ensures you get fair market value.  The best place to sell royalties or mineral rights is US Mineral Exchange.  When you create a single listing through their website, buyers will come to you and make offers on your property.    Just like placing a home on the MLS lets buyers know your home is for sale, putting your property on US Mineral Exchange lets mineral rights buyers know your property is for sale.

Questions about mineral rights value in Clearfield County Pennsylvania?

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