Mineral Rights Valuation Service

Mineral Rights Valuation Service

Are you looking for a mineral rights valuation service?   Figuring out the value of mineral rights can be a challenge!  The reason is that there is not a lot of information online that explains the value of mineral rights.   Fortunately we can help you by providing a quick evaluation of your mineral rights.    Head to the bottom of this page and tell us about your property.   We will be in touch shortly to give you an estimated value for your mineral rights.  This mineral rights valuation service is provided free of charge!

Estimating Oil and Gas Royalties Value

The value of oil and gas royalties is actually not too difficult to estimate.  As a general rule of thumb, you could expect to get anywhere from 4 years to 6 years times the average amount you receive each month.  To quickly see how much your oil and gas royalties are worth, enter the average amount you receive in the calculator below:

Pretty cool!  Getting an estimated value for oil and gas royalties is relatively easy because buyers all tend to fall in the same range when they assign a value to royalties.   Non-producing mineral rights (no royalties) are more difficult to estimate.    We recommend you fill out the form and tell us more about your property below so we can give you the most accurate estimate possible.

How Mineral Rights Value is Determined

Mineral rights value is determined based on a lot of different factors.  Each of these factors plays a key role in determining how much mineral rights are worth.   The reason it’s so difficult to come up with an estimated value is that there’s not a lot of information available and there are so many things that change the value.   At Marcellus Mineral Owners, we have years of experience helping mineral owners better understand their mineral rights.   In our experience, here are the most common things that affect mineral rights value:

  • Oil and Gas Prices
  • Surrounding Production
  • Existing Production (royalties)
  • Number of Acres Owned
  • State / County
  • Specific Location within a county
  • Buyers in the market at a given time
  • Operators in the area
  • Whether the property is leased or unleased
  • Who leased the property
  • Future Drilling Potential
  • Decline Curves

And that’s not even everything!   Each of these things plays a role in determining the value of mineral rights.  Pretty crazy to think that each of these factors makes a difference but buyers take all of these factors and more into account when they make an offer to buy mineral rights.

Mineral Rights Held in a Trust

Are the executor of a trust?  Excellent!  We work with trusts all the time and we would be happy to help answer your questions about mineral rights held in a trust.  Whether you need a simple valuation, mineral rights management, or have general questions, we can help answer anything you need to know about mineral rights held in a trust.

Free Mineral Rights Valuation Service

To get a free estimated mineral rights value, enter the following information in the contact form below:

-Average monthly income (could be $0 if you don’t receive oil and gas royalties)
-State / County
-Number of net mineral acres owned

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