Buy Mineral Rights

Buy Mineral Rights

Are you in the market to buyer mineral rights?   With the Marcellus Shale booming and America becoming more oil and gas independent every day, many individuals and companies are considering buying mineral rights.  Whether you want to invest in royalty income for a return on investment, or you’re a seasoned professional who wants to purchase mineral rights, there’s been no better time to buyer mineral rights.

The place we recommend to buy mineral rights is:

The reason we recommend US Mineral Exchange to buyers is that they make is easy to see what’s available on the market.  They currently have over $75MM in property available according to their website with more coming online weekly.   In addition, they make it easy to set up custom e-mail alerts so you can see when new listings come online so you can submit an offer.

They currently have listings in the following areas:

  • Buy Mineral Rights in Pennsylvania
  • Buy Mineral Rights in West Virginia
  • Buy Mineral Rights in Ohio
  • Buy Mineral Rights in Texas
  • Buy Mineral Rights in Oklahoma
  • Buy Mineral Rights in Kansas
  • Buy Mineral Rights in Colorado
  • Buy Mineral Rights in North Dakota
  • Buy Mineral Rights in Louisiana
  • Buy Mineral Rights in New Mexico
  • Buy Mineral Rights in California

With so many locations to buy mineral rights, US Mineral Exchange is a great place to purchase mineral rights.  They also offer the following options:

  • Buy Royalties
  • Buy Producing Royalties
  • Buy Royalty Income
  • Buy Mineral Rights
  • Lease Mineral Rights

No matter what type of mineral rights you are looking for or where you want to buy, US Mineral Exchange has all the available options.

If you are new to mineral rights, we do not recommend buying anything without expertise in this field.  Mineral rights investing is very volatile and not for the average investor.  Unless you are an accredited investor with active oil and gas experience, you should focus on investing in Oil and Gas companies through traditional means such as the stock market.  Selecting an index that is heavy on energy is also an excellent way to get exposure to the energy market in the United States without the inherent risk that comes with investing in mineral rights.

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