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Oil and Gas Market Update – February 2015

Oil and Gas Market Update February 2015 With continued weakness in the oil and gas markets, we are focusing on oil prices to drive activity.   Layoffs are starting to shake up the oil and gas industry and we are likely in the beginning stages.   As the price of oil remains low, we will see continued weakness in the oil and gas market with lower demand for mineral rights.   Right now the mineral buyers are in a better position than [...]


Oil and Gas Decline Curve

Oil and Gas Decline Curve What is an oil and gas decline curve?  An oil and gas decline curve can be described as: "A graph that represents the amount of oil and gas produced or estimated to be produced in the future over the life of a well" What does an oil and gas decline curve look like? The graph above shows you what a typical Marcellus Shale Well decline curve looks like.  Every well is going [...]


Mineral Rights Valuation Service

Mineral Rights Valuation Service Are you looking for a mineral rights valuation service? Figuring out the value of mineral rights can be a challenge!  The reason is that there is not a lot of information online that explains the value of mineral rights. Fortunately we can help you by providing a quick evaluation of your mineral rights. Head to the bottom of this page and tell us about your property.  We will be in touch shortly to give you an estimated [...]


The value of multiple offers

The value of multiple offers If there's one mistake we see mineral owners make time and time again, it's selling their mineral rights fair below market value.  This actually happens a lot more often than you think.   Even though mineral owners can be more informed than ever with the data available on this blog and online, we commonly see mineral owners sell mineral rights below market value.   Why does this happen?  Simple.  Mineral owners do not fully understand the value of [...]


Oil up almost 20% in 3 days

Oil up almost 20% in 3 days Don't blink!  With oil up almost 20% in 3 days industry experts are starting to wonder if this is a temporary blip or if we've actually found the bottom of the oil market.  For months on end now we have seen the price of oil sharply decline from over $100/barrel to less than $50/barrel.  We might now be seeing the price of oil stabilize.  Even if the price of oil were to drop back [...]


Crude Oil Shoots Higher

Crude Oil Shoots Higher When crude oil shoots higher, that's good news for mineral owners!  We've recently discussed how the price of oil is affecting mineral owners and what you can do about it (hint: not much!).   With oil moving into bear territory and hitting multi-year lows, it's easy to get discouraged with the outlook on the oil and gas market.  Fortunately it's not all bad news.   Many minerals owners are still finding success selling mineral rights at US [...]


Oil and Gas Royalties in Wetzel County West Virginia

Oil and Gas Royalties in Wetzel County West Virginia Are you currently receiving oil and gas royalties in Wetzel County West Virginia?  If so, you are in one of the most active oil and gas counties in the state.  With the shale oil boom making it possible to explore for oil in places we couldn't in the past, the value of Wetzel County mineral rights has gone up significantly in value.   Even with the recent decline in oil prices that [...]


Mineral Rights Held in a Trust

Mineral Rights Held in a Trust If you're responsible for managing mineral rights held in a trust, it can be difficult to know where to start. This free guide will explain everything you need to know about oil and gas rights held in a trust. As an executor, it's important that you do what's right for the trust.  You have a responsibility to make sure you are making the best possible decision and this guide will help you do that. With [...]


How to Sell Royalties in Ohio

How to Sell Royalties in Ohio Curious about how to sell royalties in Ohio?  You're in the right place!  We've been working with mineral owners for years to help them better understand how to maximize the value of their mineral rights. As you begin the process of figuring out how to sell royalties in Ohio, we can help you understand the key things to know that will help you put more cash in your pocket! There's no deny that the fact [...]


Mineral Rights Buyers

Mineral Rights Buyers Trying to find mineral rights buyers?  If you do a quick google search, you've probably seen thousands of websites offering to buy mineral rights. As a mineral owner, you are confronted with the following questions when you are trying to find mineral rights buyers. How do I find mineral rights buyers? Is this buyer legitimate? Who can I trust? Is this really a fair offer? While you can find thousands of mineral rights buyers out there, finding the right [...]